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The Żagielek Guesthouse Augustow



The Żagielek Guesthouse is located on the outskirts of the
Augustów Primeval Forest, near the Żagluga Port on the Netta River, in the
vicinity of the Polish-Lithuanian border crossing. Guest can enjoy the
picturesque promenade, which leads straight to the beautiful silver Lake Necko,
surrounded by a primeval forest. The lake’s main attraction is a waterski
resort, one of the few available in Poland.

The Guesthouse is located in Augustów, a spa town, on the
outskirts of the enigmatic and boundless Augustów Primeval Forest, in the close
vicinity of five picturesque lakes. Here, on one of Augustów’s beautiful
beaches, our guests can forget about the hassles of everyday life.

If you’d prefer to spend your time in an active manner, we
invite you to visit Poland’s first waterski lift, or go canoeing along the
shore of one of Augustów’s scenic rivers.

Fishing enthusiasts will think that they’re in heaven. The
lakes and rivers surrounding our Guesthouse are home to various species of
fish, including perch, tench, or the catfish – the king of the lakes.

The “Nad Nettą” Conference and Recreational Complex is an
ideal place to spend time with family and friends: peaceful, safe, discrete,
with attention paid to all individual needs and requirements.

Our Complex is situated in the vicinity of the Żegluga
Augustowska (Augustów Sailing Center), where guests can take a boat trip and
admire a jewel of military engineering – the Augustów Canal, or sail along a
Papal Tourist Route. We are situated merely 800 meters from the city center.


We’d love to welcome you!



Przedsiębiorstwo „WI-TA” Sp.J.

Pensjonat Żagielek
ul. 29-go Listopada 7
16-300 Augustów

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Fax: + 48 87-643-49-84
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Przedsiębiorstwo „WI-TA” s.j.
ul. 29 Listopada 7
16-300 Augustów

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